Jacob Lemon
b. 1994
Los Angeles, CA

Jacob is an industrial designer interested in design, architecture, society, politics and their (often) messy interactions. 

selected works ‘17-’21

Buffy Sofa

Future Medical

Opioid Addication


Chair 001/3

Cycling Glasses

Syrian Relief

New Domestic Typology

On Value



Cumulous Cloud Sofa  

In 2017, of the 12,000 tons of furniture generated, only 40 tons we’re recycled. [source]

The design team at Buffy sought to produce the most sustainable sofa possible. We quickly realized most furniture is produced with virgin materials and these materials were shipped all over the world before being assembled. 

Therefore the two problems are:
1. Locality of production.
2. Reusing of recycled materials. 

All furniture’s ecological impact is scored and awarded via FEMB as well as LEED certifications and qualifications. 
Buffy sought to create a sofa that beat it’s competitors based on these global standards

The Buffy team traveled to brazil to partner and prototype with Herval, a production facility that has been making furniture for over 40 years.  

The typical sofa is largely the same across the board, we looked at our competitors like Ikea and Target and found what materials we could deliver alternatives on. 

We designed a sofa that was plush and cloud-like - looking at many influences of the 70’s, while making it subtle enough that as home styles evolve it can stay with us. The sofa is being produced and will reach markets 2021.