Jacob Lemon
b. 1994
Los Angeles, CA

Jacob is an industrial designer interested in design, architecture, society, politics and their (often) messy interactions. 

selected works ‘17-’21

Buffy Sofa

Future Medical

Opioid Addication


Chair 001/3

Cycling Glasses

Syrian Relief

New Domestic Typology

On Value



Hueso is a lamp inspired by a walk I took in northern New Mexico, where a collection of sun bleached bones lay in a perfect line on the soft dirt. 

Many of the homes in New Mexico, the southwest, and Central America use plaster as an interior finish. The plaster keeps homes cool during warm months
and doesn’t off gas.

I wanted to use this material to create a
lamp that is from, lives, and is comfortable
in the southwest. 

Seven ten inch by ten inch blocks of cast plaster, carved and sanded by hand.