Jacob Lemon
b. 1994
Los Angeles, CA

Jacob is an industrial designer interested in design, architecture, society, politics and their (often) messy interactions. 

selected works ‘17-’21

Buffy Sofa

Future Medical

Opioid Addication


Chair 001/3

Cycling Glasses

Syrian Relief

New Domestic Typology

On Value



Where does value come from?

On Value was commissioned by
and exhibited in 1of.design, 2018.

On Value presents three separate pieces all priced equally:

20 cubic inches of land, air, sunlight, and everything that enters the space.
Decontamination water plant, able to purify 12oz of water in 8 hours.
9 bottles of purified water.

On Value pulls in economic critique based on the difference in exchange value vs. use value. The use of land, the exchange of water, the use/exchange value of labor. At what stage is value assigned, and how is it being structured, and for whom?

Ultimately value is assigned at every level, the water desalinization plant uses land but makes the next step (water) useable making it exchangeable. Nothing is “worth” more than anything else because value is assigned as a system.